A Windows software that allows you to operate VRM with just a keyboard and mouse. It also responds to gamepads. Place it next to your gaming or coding screen for broadcasting, or simply leave it as a desktop mascot.

To start

Download and install VMagicMirror at https://malaybaku.github.io/VMagicMirror/en/

Introducing the VRM

Open VMagicMirror and look for the Load VRM section. You have 2 options:

  1. Upload your VRM file directly from your device in ‘Add downloaded avatar’ You can download your VRM avatars from vipe.io: Profile > Select Avatar > Use Avatar > Direct Download
  2. Link your VRoid Hub account to select any of your uploaded characters.

Using it

Use this tool to stream or record videos using your avatar. You can make the background transparent and make your avatar replicate the actions you do with your computer,like writing in the keyboard or moving the mouse. You can also point with your finger to do presentations.

VMagicMirror allows multiple options to customize your avatar, such as lighting, accessories and effects.