VirtualCast is a metaverse communication service where you can share extraordinary experiences with your friends; anytime and anywhere.Start exploring the VR experience of a life lime!

To start

Open VirtualCast and create your account.

Download VirtualCast on Steam: and connect the account that you have already created.

Download the VR version on the Oculus Store to get the VR experience and connect the account that you have already created.

If you don’t find it on the Oculus Store, filter by unknown origin.

Introducing the VRM

On your PC load your own VRM on VirtualCast

Hit on ‘Edit Inventory’ to select a local file in your device.

Fill out all the information and save it.

You can download your VRM avatars from Profile > Select Avatar > Use Avatar > Direct Download

Using it

Connect the VR Virtual Cast to the PC version with your account

You can use VirtualCast to stream with your Avatar as a Vtuber in Twitch, Youtube and more.

You can create and buy items and avatars.

Meet new people in new rooms or create your own.