A retro-style scary game developed by Polygonal Mind with the VIPE SDK integrated, so you can play with your avatars!

To Start

Halloween has arrived and with it comes the perfect opportunity to immerse ourselves in all things scary and terrifying. And what better way to celebrate this spooky season than by launching a new minigame that fits perfectly with the essence of Halloween?

VIPE Survivors, a retro-style gaming adventure that promises to take you on a trip filled with monsters, darkness and a frightening final battle. But that’s not all; what truly sets VIPE Survivors apart is its development, that only took us two weeks, and the ability to play the game with your favourite NFT as your avatar. Let’s explore the mysterious depths of this immersive Halloween world.

Introducing the VRM

There are 3 ways of using VIPE VRM avatars on VIPE Survivors

  1. Connect to Metamask Click on the button to connect. A https://chainsafe.github.io/ tab will open in your main browser. You must be logged in in that browser for this method to work. Simply copy the code in the screen and go back to Avatar.Webcam. You can now browse your VIPE avatar collection.

  2. Use as Guest If you’d like to use Avatar.Webcam without login, you can use one of our opensource VRM avatars.

  3. Load your own VRM Hit on ‘Load VRM’ to select a local file in your device.

Using It

Use WASD to move and aim with the mouse.