OnCyber is a metaverse platform that makes it easy for anyone to create their own 3D, immersive experience that can be accessed from the browser.

Join our World Building Challenge with the new VIPE Kit: https://twitter.com/oncyber/status/1714691517925761040

To start

Open OnCyber on a browser (desktop or mobile): https://oncyber.io/

Select a world of your choice and wait for it to load.

Introducing the VRM

There are 3 ways of using VIPE VRM avatars on OnCyber:

  1. Sign in with your crypto wallet.

    Once you are connected go to Profile and Settings. Then look for the Owned section. Wait until all your avatars load and select one!

  2. Upload your own VRM file.

    You can download the VRM files on your profile, click on Use Avatar and then Direct Download.

    Hit Profile and Settings, then look for the Uploaded section and click on Upload. You can rename your avatar and it will appear again when you login on this platform.

  3. Use one of our opensource avatars from the 100 Avatars collection

    On Profile and Settings, navigate to the Default section, click on Load More and you will find some of our CC0 avatars.

Using it

Move around using: WASD

Jump: spacebar

Change your avatar scale: go to Profile and Settings and look for Scale.