Mocap for 2D + 3D Vtubers. Start Vtubing with just your browser webcam!

To start

Open the app in your browser:

Introducing the VRM

There are 2 ways of using VIPE VRM avatars on Kalidoface. Go to Characters and:

  1. Upload your VRM file directly from your device clicking ‘Upload .vrm file’ or simply Drag and Drop the file. You can download your VRM avatars from Profile > Select Avatar > Use Avatar > Direct Download

  2. Enter VRM URL

    Click on ‘Load from URL’ and paste a VRM URL to load your avatar.

    You can find the VRM URL on, next to the download VRM button.

Using it

You can use your webcam to track your avatar movement, including blendshapes.

You can customize your background, add stickers, effects and accessories to your avatar.