Become a dwarf and go on a big adventure in the everyday world, or walk around a real city with your favorite characters. An AR app that makes your daily life a little more fun.

To start

Download the AVATAVI App on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)

Introducing the VRM

There are 4 ways of using VIPE VRM avatars on AVATAVI. Go to Home > Add Avatar and you will find several options:

  1. Upload your VRM file directly from your device in ‘Add downloaded avatar’ You can download your VRM avatars from Profile > Select Avatar > Use Avatar > Direct Download
  2. Enter VRM URL

Click on ‘Enter url to add’ and paste a VRM URL to load your avatar. You can find the VRM URL on, next to the download VRM button.

  1. Sign in from Sketchfab to select a character uploaded in your account
  2. Sign in from VRoid Hub to select a character uploaded in your account

Using it

Move around with the virtual joystick, you can walk, run and skateboard.

You can use blendshapes and animations. You can also jump and dance.

And of course, take pictures and videos.