Avatar.Webcam is the app for those who want to use their avatars in any video call or streaming instead of their real life identity. It is super easy and no extra software required to get started!

To start

Install Avatar.Webcam in your computer (Windows) and open it.

Introducing the VRM

There are 3 ways of using VIPE VRM avatars on Avatar.Webcam:

  1. Connect to Metamask

    Click on the button to connect. A https://chainsafe.github.io/ tab will open in your main browser. You must be logged in in that browser for this method to work. Simply copy the code in the screen and go back to Avatar.Webcam.

    You can now browse your VIPE avatar collection.

  2. Use as Guest

    If you’d like to use Avatar.Webcam without login, you can use one of our opensource VRM avatars.

  3. Load your own VRM

    Hit on ‘Load VRM’ to select a local file in your device.

Using it

You can use Avatar.Webcam in any software that recognizes a virtual camera. Google Meets, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. Go to preferences a change the input to Avatar.Webcam.

You can use blendshapes on your avatar by activating the microphone. And set custom blendshapes on Settings.

Select a 3D background, an image, a colour or make it transparent.

You can change your avatar position and size.