VIPE - Virtual Persona

Founded in 2023, VIPE combines the technology of CryptoAvatars with the creative power of Polygonal Mind. VIPE is an all-in-one avatar platform, marketplace, and hub for artists and digital creators. Its mission is to integrate 3D avatars across both Web2 and Web3 ecosystems, enabling a wider audience to experience true avatar interoperability. VIPE is continually integrating tools and resources to empower users in maximizing their virtual personas.

Polygonal Mind

Polygonal Mind, a creative development studio founded in 2015, initially focused on creating VR and mobile games with a low-poly aesthetic for optimized performance. Notable examples of their work include Totally Reliable Delivery Service, Morphite, and Beat Saber. As they delved into Web3 in 2018, Polygonal Mind expanded their expertise to create immersive experiences in the metaverse. Today, Polygonal Mind is recognized as one of the leading metaverse builders.

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In 2020, Polygonal Mind launched CryptoAvatars, a platform dedicated to avatars on the blockchain. It provided users and artists with the ability to mint avatars, proving ownership and unlocking possibilities like interoperability across the metaverse. While remaining a technology company focused on avatar research and development, CryptoAvatars transitioned to VIPE in April 2023.

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VIPE Heroes

As a testament to VIPE's capabilities, Polygonal Mind created the VIPE Heroes collection for the grand opening. This collection features 5,000 avatars, each with 13 unique traits and 5 legendary combinations. The avatars boast a vibrant 2D anime style with visually striking angular forms, stylized features, and exaggerated expressions. VIPE Heroes aims to be at the forefront of the avatar revolution, showcasing the potential of VIPE.

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Virtual Reality

VIPE uses VRM, a VR ready avatar file format. Get instant tracking thanks to humanoid bone structure and face expressions using blendshapes.


Using the Blockchain we keep track and protect ownership over our avatars in any Web3 digital realm. Enabling instant availability on integrated platforms.


VIPE avatars can travel across platforms. We use standard bone and blendshape structures with optimized topology to enable wide compatibility.


Virtual worlds using blockchain or VRM avatars are compatible with VIPE. We’ve developed the necessary connection tools to enable instant usability across them.

Alter Ego

Avatar customization, compatibility and ease-of-use let you to make the most out of your virtual persona. Express yourself across all digital platforms, in any format, and at all times.